Etheric body healing and the restoration of energetic balance

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Our body receives life and vitality from an invisible and yet real energetic structure which is made of vital force, a kind of subtle energy. Such structure constitutes the memory of the physical body, its organs and systems; and it is known as the etheric body. When the etheric body is healthy and filled with vital energy, the physical body remains healthy.

The etheric body can be considered as a workforce of energy for the physical body, providing the necessary resources for stability, restoration and cell regeneration. The etheric body receives the vital energy transmitted by the sun through the solar plexus chakra; this body also receives vital energy transmitted by the earth through the base chakra. The seven chakras constitute energy centers which allow the accumulation of energy which is transferred through them to physical body on uninterrupted vital flows, since they interpenetrate the physical body just like a magnetic field does.


There are many negative factors which prevent a constant flow of energy through the body, among the environmental factors we can find presence of pollutants and the saturated or congested energies released by all electronics devices or by diseased organisms.

Negative thoughts and emotions, a lifestyle that contradicts the natural needs of the body because of the presence of bad habits and a poor nutrition, stress and a poor breathing technique are some other factors which contribute to the consumption of energy of the etheric body, which can lead eventually to the emergence of unpleasant symptoms and finally to the emergence of diseases.

Restoring the balance of etheric body

It is possible to restore the balance and good health of etheric body through the nourishment of each chakra; it means that food can be used not only to feed the physical body but also to nourish each chakra considering the color, vibration and energy of each food. Color constitutes energy of vibration which is transmitted by the sun, each color has a different electromagnetic frequency just like each chakra, and when the matching frequencies are aligned, they harmonize and provide balance.

This is based on the scientific principles which assert that all matter vibrates at a certain frequency, therefore through the use of resonant vibration; the balance of all matter can be restored. According to the opinion of therapists, there are seven foods which are recommended to restore the energetic and physical balance.

The root chakra which is also known as Muladhara and which is located on the base of spinal cord and which rules the immune system is related to the levels of self confidence and security, this chakra can be nourished with pomegranate. The second primary chakra known as Svadisthana, located two centimeters below the navel, rules the reproductive system, this chakra also controls the appetite for food and pleasure and is intimately related to the feeling of deservedness, and it can be nourished with the intake of carrots.

The third primary chakra known as Manipura and located below the sternum is related to the identity of the individual and is responsible for ruling the pancreas, this chakra is also related to self confidence and the use of freewill and it can be nourished with the intake of Yellow pepper spicy foods.

The fourth primary chakra known as Anahata is located right in the middle of the chest, and it is responsible for ruling the physical heart, lungs and the thymus gland, therefore it is vital for the supply of energy for the body and to nourish the spirit. The fourth chakra also promotes unity and peace and it can be nourished with the inclusion of green cabbage on foods.

The fifth primary chakra which is also known as Vishuddha is located on the throat and it is responsible for ruling thyroid and parathyroid glands, this chakra is closely related to honesty, communication, integrity and creativity, therefore it allow us to express our feelings and to defend our beliefs, this chakra can be balanced with the intake of blueberries.

The sixth primary chakra known as Ajna is located between the eyebrows and it is responsible for ruling the pituitary gland. The sixth primary chakra also stimulates the two hemispheres of the brain; therefore it unites the creative and the rational aspects and promotes the development of intuition and the acquisition of knowledge, this chakra can be nourished with the intake of dark grapes.

The seventh primary chakra which is also known as Sahasrara is located on the upper area of the skull and it is responsible for regulating the pineal gland, this chakra promotes the spiritual development and understanding and it can be nourished by the intake of purple cabbage.


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