Research regarding iridology and energetic centers or chakras

The most harmful component of transgenic wheat: glyphosate

According to investigations developed by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), glyphosate is highly concentrated on the pulp of transgenic wheat. When a cell looks for supplies to form proteins it resorts to the glyphosate instead of the glycine which gives place to the creation of a damaged component. This situation can lead to an unpredictable behavior that could trigger the emergence of many diseases.

The effects produced by glyphosate revealed by prestigious researchers

According to studies made by the WHO (World Health Organization), glyphosate is responsible for different types of cancer that affect they kidneys, pancreas and liver.

The work of prestigious researchers like Stephanie Seneff and Anthony Samsel has made possible for each one of us to have access to this information so we can be aware of the kind of food we are ingesting. Additional studies have revealed that this compound...

Fighting against the adverse effects caused by the intake of transgenic wheat

Food production of mass consumption as bread, pasta and bakery products have a high concentration of a potentially poisonous compound. It is contained in the structure of transgenic wheat which is used on the elaboration of the mentioned aliments and is known as glyphosate. After finding some useful information, I realized that it was the trigger for many imbalances I was still experimenting despite making major changes in my diet. Such situation motivated me to investigate more deeply.

Skin spots and dermatitis herpetiformis

The first symptom that called my attention was the emergence of persisting dark spots on my skin which escalated after I started to consume products made with whole wheat. Alternative therapies provide a wide variety of resources which are very effective on the treatment of such imbalances such as aloe vera, parsley, lemon and cucumber milk.

 I resorted to all of them and...